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PGs agency has been established for 20 years. We pride ourselves on being one of Sydney's most professional & reputable agencies.

We represent quality talent from actors to extras and body doubles, children to adults for film, television, commercials, corporate videos, photographic work and a variety of other related jobs.

We have worked on a vast array of overseas & local productions. PGs talent have appeared in films such as Moulin Rouge, Star Wars, Mission Impossible 2, Matrix 2 & 3, Garage Days, Natalie Wood, Dirty Deeds, Stealth, Small Claims, Mary Bryant, Little Fish, Hell has Harbour Views, Superman Returns and many more...

Soapies such as Wildside, Water Rats, All Saints, Always Greener,
Pizza, Fireflies, Black Jack, Jessica, White Collar Blue, Headland and Home & Away. UK productions such as The Bill & Cold Feet.

Commercials such as Jim Beam, Pepsi, Toyota, Seven Up, American Plastics, Wilkinson Sword, Campbells, Snickers, KFC, Woolworths, Vodaphone & McDonalds...

Photographic work has included still shoots for FHM magazine, Westpac, London Cigarettes, BRW magazine, Sony Play Station,
Johnson and Johnson, Sunbean, Westpac and many more...

If you are casting a production from one individual to a crowd scene PGs Agency can supply your needs.

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